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Links to some Friends
Links to other Breeders
The following links will take you to the web sites of just some of our friends. Please note that Sandbears are not responsible for the content of external sites linked here.

 Apachees Home http://www.newfs.at Geli and Klemens
 Cayuga - Italy http://www.cayuganewfs.com Manlio Massa
 Evanpark http://www.evanpark.co.uk Howard & June Parker
 Fairweathers http://www.fairweathers.ch Giorgio and Loredana Salina
 Goldbears - Finland http://www.goldbears.net Kirsi Kultavuori
 Lifeguard http://www.lifeguardnewf.com Joseph and Anita
 Midnight Bears http://www.midnightbear.com Olga and Anastasya Zalivako
 Midnight Ladys http://www.newfoundland.hu Zsuzsa and Soos Attila
 Mobox http://www.mobox.org.uk Chirstine and Michelle Mould
 My Big Dream - Belgium http://users.telenet.be/mybigdream Yann & Cindy Ives-Lambregts
 Newfline http://www.newf-line.webbyen.dk Newf line newfoundlands
 Nordicangel http://www.calagranquarantinekennels.com Mike and Chris Binks
 Pepperitas http://www.pepperitas.com Kaisa and Mani
 Priorscove http://www.priorscove.co.uk Dianne and Alan Barras
 Rose'Wanted - France http://roseswanted.com Thierry & Isabelle Lecomte
 Seafar http://www.seafarnewfoundlands.co.uk Loraine Ratter
 Solwaybay http://solwaybaynewfoundlands.com Pat and Iain
 Thickish http://www.thickishnewfs.com Milena and Oreste Polloni
 Top Shelfs http://www.topshelfnewfoundlands.com Deb Wigal